What You Get in Slots Labs

  • 17+ Months of Casino Hand Pays

    Slots Labs includes months of every hand pay given out 24/7 to players at a large Louisiana casino in the last 17+ months. Analysis shows how to use it to win progressive jackpots at your casino.

  • Hidden in Plain Sight Secrets

    You'll see for yourself how to push a few buttons on your slot machines to uncover incredible secrets to winning hidden in plain sight that were always there but casino don't want you to take advantage of.

  • Learn to Leave with Winnings

    Each wee's assignment includes an additional lesson on how to get out of the casino with your winnings. Winning won't matter if you can't get out with it, right? Learn how casinos stop you and LEAVE.

Six Weeks of Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to Slots Labs!

    2. Our Main Goal for You

    3. Course Overview

    4. How to Get the Best Results

    5. Before you go on... (Survey)

    1. Diving in!

    2. Your First Assignments

    3. 30 Days Quiz

    4. Leaving with Winnings #1

    5. Zoom Meeting Recording for Wednesday, October 25, 2023

    1. Lesson (Part 1) - Combining Strategies that Work at Your Casino

    2. Lesson (Part 2) - 20 Years of My Casino Plans and How to Apply Them

    3. Assignment #1: Planning to Win

    4. Leaving with Winnings #2

    5. Zoom Meeting Recording for Wednesday, November 1, 2023

    1. Lesson - Building Your Ability to Walk Away

    2. Leaving with Your Winnings #3

    3. Zoom Meeting Recording for Wednesday, November 8, 2023

    1. Must-Hit-By Progressive Strategies

    2. Game Rules Progressive Jackpots Limits

    3. Assignment: Must-Hit-By Progressives

    4. Leaving with Your Winnings #4

    5. Zoom Meeting Recording for Wednesday, November 15, 2023

    1. Useful Business Skills for Slots Enthusiasts

    2. Assignment: Your Business

    3. Leaving with Your Winnings #5

    4. Zoom Meeting Recording for Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Pricing Options

One-time payment option available when using your debit/credit card or PayPal account.

Three easy monthly payments when using your debit/credit card.

Bonus material

In addition to full course access, you will also receive:

  • Record-keeping Templates

    To record slots gameplay as a result of taking this class, my online course for keeping gambling records will be provided free of charge including downloadable simple, medium, and advanced spreadsheet templates.
    ($37 value)

  • 30-Days Online Course

    A prerequisite for this class is my introductory course: 30 Days to Play Slots Smarter and Win. If you have not yet taken this prior course, it will be provided free of charge for you to complete prior to the first day of class.
    ($97 value)

  • Coushatta Hand Pay Data

    With the course comes over one year of 24/7 hand pay data analyzed to tell you what slot machine manufacturers tell casinos when recommending internal settings on the most popular slot machines at your local casino.
    (Progressive Jackpot Value)

Be Prepared for What This Course Entails

WARNING: There’s no question you will get an insane amount of information and value from this class, but education doesn’t matter if it’s not put into action. Before you sign up for this course, make sure you can commit to an intense amount of training. (You know, like how Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day to become an olympic gold medalist).

This class is not for the faint of heart. It will take hard work and a time commitment, an average of around 5-6 hours per week. Sometimes more. Sometimes less. We want you to know this going into the experience so that you get the most coming out of it.

  • Six Lessons with Assignments

  • 24/7 Coushatta Hand Pays

  • Slots Growth Strategies

  • Fast Action Exercises


Professor Slots Jon Friedl, Ph.D.

Jon Friedl is the founder of Professor Slots, an educational website, podcast, YouTube Channel, and more that helps slots enthusiasts play slots smarter and leave with their winnings. He has more than a decade of experience helping slots enthusiasts and over 130,000 monthly visitors to his content and social media sites. Today, he lives in Reno, Nevada with his two cats, Emil Lenz and Hedy Lamarr.